Why CTW?

Tiana HillTiana Hill: “CTW allows you to build community within your cohort while learning more about the community you live in and experience every day. It also exposes you to content that’s seen as much older philosophy, but is still relevant to today’s social climate in more ways than one.”

Ashaleigh Carrington

Ashaleigh Carrington: “Citizen Thinkers Writers could teach me what my primary education couldn’t—a hands-on approach that provided a deep study of the classics while relating it to today’s current political climate.”

Mediaka Ntungu: “CTW really preps you for college, it’s a unique experience and you can live on Yale’s campus for free for a couple of weeks. It’s a great experience.”

Henry Seyue: “If you enjoy being challenged mentally and emotionally, and you’re willing to see what comes out of that, then this program is for you. You will definitely come out a better person. I unequivocally would not be the person I am today without CTW.  It rerouted me.”

Ciara Ortiz: “Take this opportunity to learn something about yourself as a learner and person, and also use this opportunity to gain knowledge and experience from other people.”